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Printing and packaging industry

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In recent years, with the upgrading of China's communication network, the popularization of smart phones and the change of people's life concepts, the application of two-dimensional codes has become more and more widespread. As a brand-new automatic identification and information carrier technology, the economic efficiency and reliability of two-dimensional codes are understood and recognized by more and more people. On January 1, 2010, the release of the new train ticket was a large-scale application in China. The biggest feature of the new train ticket is that it has changed from a one-dimensional bar code to a square two-dimensional code, which not only makes its anti-counterfeiting function stronger, but also makes it more convenient to verify.
In terms of food safety, the use of two-dimensional code technology can not only trace food, but also facilitate the management of production and operation enterprises. This not only achieves regulatory normalization, intelligence, and real-time, but also provides convenience for enterprise product anti-counterfeiting, marketing, market fine management and e-commerce. Guangzhou Guangweiyuan Food Co., Ltd. took the lead in becoming the first pilot in Guangzhou to use the “two-dimensional code” food traceability system. The soy sauce products produced by the company were labeled with QR code, and consumers only need to scan the QR code. Query information about the product. This "two-dimensional code" traceability management method is being promoted to more food manufacturers.
In terms of media publishing, QR code technology combines media elements such as text, pictures, audio and video with information playback and storage technology, which promotes the transition of print media to commercialization and materialization, and realizes newspapers and mobile phones and televisions. Network real-time interconnection. On the back cover of the book "We Always Travel with Hands" has a unique QR code. After scanning with the mobile phone, the author's composing album can be transmitted to the ear through the network.
Elipari's innovative packaging uses QR code technology. Use the smart phone to open the downloaded “Snapshot QR Code” software, align the QR code on the package, and “叮” a prompt, the phone will immediately display the yogurt information and a specific URL, click to enter directly To the event page hosted by Yili, detailed information such as event prizes, event redemption methods, and redemption locations can also be presented in detail.
More and more terminal manufacturers adopt two-dimensional codes as the traffic entrance for product marketing. They integrate product information and interactive information into two-dimensional codes to generate positive interaction with consumers in order to promote product sales and enhance brand influence. The goal.

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